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Find Out What Happens When Your Car is Stolen

If in the unfortunate event your car is ever stolen, you’ll immediately have a lot of questions. There are a few things that need to happen as soon as you determine that your vehicle is no longer where you left it. While some may seem pretty straight forward and obvious right now, the ability to recall important information in a state of even mild panic can be surprisingly difficult. Take a look at these tips. Knowing what happens when your car is stolen can only be beneficial in the long run.


Look Around


People get busy. Busy people tend to have wandering minds. If you’re car isn’t where you think you left it, try to recall exactly where you parked. Once sure you’re in the last place you saw your car, look around. Are there any no parking signs? Is it possible that your car has been towed? If you’ve parked in a place that you maybe shouldn’t have, tracking down your car will be simple. Otherwise, it might be time to make a couple of calls.


Call the Police


First and foremost, you’ll need to contact the police and file a report. Before you call, it would be best to have all pertinent information available. The police will need your license plate number, the make, model, and colour of your car, and if possible, the VIN. You should have copies of all the required documents in your records. If you have any type of GPS system in your car, it might be a viable lead for the police to investigate, so be sure to include anything you think might help.


Call Your Insurance Company


Making a claim with your insurance company is a vital step. Not only will they begin to take action with the problem, but they’ll also have a record stating that you are no longer in possession of the car. This is especially important in cases that involve further crimes being committed with your vehicle. It’s a simple call that will help protect your interests.


Prevent a Second Occurrence


If you didn’t have a theft prevention system in your car, it might be time to consider purchasing one. There are countless options on the market today, but nothing quite lives up to the standards set by the GLOBALi theft deterrent program. Take advantage anti-theft measures that criminals recognize in an instant. GLOBALi labels act as both a warning to potential criminals and as tracking devices. The unique theft identification number on each label can be used in the vast GLOBALi database to find out where a car originated from. This helps to ensure that even if a car is stolen, it can often times be returned to its rightful owner.


Knowing what happens when your car is stolen can take a lot of the headaches and frustrations out of an unpleasant ordeal. Before making any calls, be sure to look for signage that may point to a potential towing situation. Inform the proper authorities, and once you’re driving again, invest in a theft deterrent system like GLOBALi.

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7 years ago
thanks for the answer. I now clearly understand why. always reliable to get informative answers.
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7 years ago
I can't imagine the devastating occurrence happening to my vehicle but that might just be the reason to get globali
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7 years ago
interesting points, good to know
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7 years ago
Are there any other preventive measures I can do to lower the possibility of my car being stolen? Does GLOBALi really help prevent people from attempting to steal my car?

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