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Can GLOBALi Vehicle Identification Number Peel Off Vehicle?

116.pngBy MarkQ & A1 comments
A forum had said that you could actually peel off the small stickers with the 17-digit VIN that are placed throughout the car. Is this true? What happens if this is peeled off?AnswerThe GLOBALi program is an effective theft deterrent and has been compared to the labels provided by home monitoring companies.  When a thief is given a choice, they will always gravitate to the ...

Car theft in Canada - A Common & Costly Crime

By GLOBALiMedia1 comments
Car theft is a global problem; however the rate of cars stolen in Canada is among the highest in the world. According to Statistics Canada, in 2010 about 254 cars a day were stolen. Whether you drive an economy or a luxury car, it can be a target. The Insurance Bureau of Canada's ...

Where are the Globali stickers placed on my car?

116.pngBy MarkQ & A1 comments
I am happy to say that I have Globali coverage! I know that the stickers are placed in various locations in and around my car. Where exactly are these stickers placed? And, is there a way for me to acquire ...AnswerThe GLOBALi unique theft Identitifcation labels are installed in ten strategic locations throughout the vehicle, some visible, some deeper within the vehicle body parts. In addition, there are also two ...

What Is GLOBALi Anti-Theft Measure?

What is GLOBALi and why is it so effective? The answer can be explained in three steps: First, it’s important to understand how the value of stolen vehicles and their parts can be decreased. Second, you’ll need to learn more about GLOBALi and what makes the program unique in ...

Find Out How GLOBALi Works

Car thieves know how GLOBALi works, and that is why GLOBALi is one of the top names in Canada when it comes to anti-theft measures. Criminals know exactly how to target a vehicle that best suits their needs. A visual deterrent means nothing to any thief unless that warning is also ...

GLOBALi Vehicle Protection Has Many Benefits

When it comes to anti-theft measures, nothing quite matches the power of the GLOBALi Theft Deterrent Program. Automotive theft costs Canadians an average of 1.2 billion dollars a year, with upwards of four hundred vehicles a day being taken. Most are disassembled in chop-shops and ...

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