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Is GLOBALi a Scam or the Real Deal?

Automotive theft is a growing concern for many Canadian car owners. With an average of four hundred vehicles a day stolen, it’s a wise idea to protect your investment. There are countless products on the market designed to make thieves steer clear of your car. Some are incredibly effective while others are substantially less useful. Over the past few years, there has been some negative press about the GLOBALi theft deterrent system. Is GLOBALi a scam? Far from it. GLOBALi has the largest vehicle registration network of its kind in Canada, and it’s used by automotive dealerships from coast to coast. The program has paid over $29,000,000+ in claims to vehicle owners who have been victims of auto theft. What is GLOBALi and how does it work? It’s brilliantly easy.


What is GLOBALi?


GLOBALi is more than just a simple theft deterrent, it’s also a vehicle recovery system. Cars and trucks have GLOBALi labels installed throughout the vehicle. Some are visible and act as a deterrent, while others are deeper within the vehicle. Since the vast majority of cars stolen are taken to specialty shops and taken apart to be sold in pieces, the GLOBALi labels are an excellent way to reduce the value of parts on the black market. Any good automotive thief will instantly recognize the GLOBALi brand as a less valuable option for black market parts, thereby reducing the odds of a particular vehicle being targeted. If a vehicle is stolen, the GLOBALi labels make it much easier for law enforcement to return the stolen goods to their rightful owner.


Why is GLOBALi Effective?


It takes more than a simple car alarm to prevent theft. After all, they can be disconnected pretty easily. GLOBALi offers a more efficient means of deterring thieves that is backed up with technology created through forensic sciences. The GLOBALi labels are installed on 12 parts of the vehicle. Each label has a unique theft identification number that adheres to the body part in which the label is applied. . The theft ID number can be easily input into the GLOBALi vehicle registry and recovery network, which gives information about where the vehicle came from and who the rightful owner is. If a label is removed, the GLOBALi registration number can still be seen and read with a special frequency ultra-violet light used by law enforcement. While it may not be known to those not in the thieving industry, it’s widely known to professional carjackers.


Is GLOBALi a Scam?


Any theft deterring system that takes advantage of a huge vehicle registry made up of car owners, automotive dealerships, and local Law Enforcement can hardly be thought of as a scam. GLOBALi is a truly impressive and innovative system that is easy to implement. It reduces theft and leads to vehicle and parts recovery better than any other system on the market today.


GLOBALi is a proud partner and sponsor of Law Enforcement agencies across the country. Detectives dedicated to auto theft units speak highly of the product. Testimonials are available on the GLOBALi website (


When it comes to protecting your vehicle, a simple car alarm just won’t do. If you aren’t sure if GLOBALi is right for you, just ask a few questions at one of the many dealerships across Canada that counts on GLOBALi to protect their inventory. There is also on online resource for consumers to submit questions online. Please visit and a GLOBALi specialist will review and respond to your question.


It’s a simple step that will clear up any misconceptions you may have heard and will surely lead to a cost-effective way to proactively keep your car where it belongs.

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7 years ago
thanks for the advice. Your information is always educational and professional.
Level 3 (XP: 950)
7 years ago
It's the real deal
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7 years ago
Wow, very informative article! I'm glad there are systems that can help with such simplicity and subtlety. This definitely answered any concerns I had about GLOBALi!

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