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GLOBALi System: Theft Prevention and Recovery

When it comes to theft prevention and vehicle recovery, the GLOBALi system simply cannot be matched. How does the GLOBALi system work? It comes down to just a few simple facts and tactics.

Automotive theft is an industry. Like any other industry, business comes down to making a profit. Car thieves realize that a vehicle or parts that can be easily traced back to their rightful owner are worth substantially less than something unmarked. The GLOBALi system takes advantage of this knowledge by first having the vehicle easily identified as a high risk target to reduce the possibility of theft.

The GLOBALi anti-theft labels installed throughout the vehicle make it easy for law enforcement to recover the most frequently stolen car parts, thereby reducing their value on the black market. There’s simply not enough potential profit in vehicles with the GLOBALi system installed to make them worthwhile and profitable.

If you’re looking for an anti-theft system that truly works, look no further than the GLOBALi system. It’s a truly effective means of theft prevention that has the ability to stop a thief in their tracks. Learn more by visiting one of the many reputable GLOBALi dealers in your area.
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There are countless options available to those looking for a way to prevent automotive theft. One of the best on the market today is the GLOBALi system. GLOBALi uses theft identification labels and one of the largest vehicle registration and recovery networks to prevent theft and help recover vehicles should a thief be foolish enough to attempt taking a vehicle marked with the easily recognizable GLOBALi branding.


GLOBALi Theft Identification Labels


When it comes to preventing theft, GLOBALi stands out from the crowd. The easily recognizable labels on the exterior of the vehicle act as a visual warning system to potential thieves. Other theft identification labels are installed throughout the vehicle, making it simple for law enforcement to identify potentially stolen parts through the use of one of the largest vehicle registration and recovery networks in the industry.


GLOBALi Vehicle Registry & Recovery Network


The GLOBALi vehicle registry and recovery network is one of the largest of its kind in North America. It’s made up of dealers, law enforcement and vehicle owners. A vehicle or part that is marked with a GLOBALi identification label can be traced and the true VIN can be determine simply searching the unique theft identification label.


The GLOBALi system is more than just an anti-theft measure. It’s a way to devalue vehicles in the eyes of potential thieves and to ensure that stolen vehicles can be recovered and returned. To learn more about the truly impressive GLOBALi system, visit or call a customer care representative at 1-888-291-9991 to find a participating dealership in your area. 


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