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Why does my car have Globali sticker on it?

By Mark
Could someone please assist me with the following, I recently purchased a car off a friend of mine and upon inspection I noticed a Globali sticker on the window. I asked my friend about it and he wasn't too sure what it was there for. I would very much like to have more information as to why there is a Globali sticker on the car.


This is a common question that individuals ask when they purchase a used vehicle. The GLOBALi program is non-transferable from owner to owner. Which means there is no reimbursement benefit in the event your vehicle is stolen. There is the option to leave the GLOBALi branding labels on your vehicle windows and body parts to be used as a visual deterrent for car thieves. 
If you would like more information on where you can purchase the GLOBALi Theft Deterrent program please call a GLOBALi customer care representative at 1-888-291-9991.
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4 years ago
Recently I bought a new car and it has the same sticker on it and the dealer cannot explain why it is there and they have no paperwork related to it. I did not order this option. Is there any way I could find out why, when and who installed GLOBALi microdot on my car?
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7 years ago
Globali program is making new innovations in response to auto theft and how to protect your valuable car from theft and damage.

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