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Where are the Globali stickers placed on my car?

By Mark
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I am happy to say that I have Globali coverage! I know that the stickers are placed in various locations in and around my car. Where exactly are these stickers placed? And, is there a way for me to acquire more stickers to place in other locations in my car as well?


The GLOBALi unique theft Identitifcation labels are installed in ten strategic locations throughout the vehicle, some visible, some deeper within the vehicle body parts. In addition, there are also two branding labels that are installed on the driver and passenger windows. All theft ID labels include a unique Theft Identification number. If a thief should manage to remove a label, the unique theft ID number will adhere to the vehicles' body part. The unique theft ID number is then only visible with a frequency specific ultra-violet light. Once identified by law enforcement the unique theft ID number can be searched in the GLOBALi Vehicle Registry & Recovery Network (VRRN) to trace it back to the true VIN of the vehicle.
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7 years ago
I want one!!!!

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