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Can GLOBALi Vehicle Identification Number Peel Off Vehicle?

By Mark

A forum had said that you could actually peel off the small stickers with the 17-digit VIN that are placed throughout the car. Is this true? What happens if this is peeled off?



The GLOBALi program is an effective theft deterrent and has been compared to the labels provided by home monitoring companies.  When a thief is given a choice, they will always gravitate to the vehicle or house that is unprotected as it is an easier and more cost effective target.


Our branded GLOBALi label is peeled off, its special adhesive contains a UV tracer developed by 3M that imprints a registration number on the car’s painted surface that can be seen under a specific-frequency black light that we provide to auto theft investigators.  The imprint cannot be removed by ordinary means. Thieves know that sanding and repainting a marked surface is cost prohibitive and leads to suspicion when disposing of the stolen parts.


ANY form of applied theft deterrent system can be removed by a professional thief, but a professional criminal will consider the following points when deciding which car to steal.


  • The GLOBALi labels must be completely removed from all 12 locations on the vehicle, 2 window decals and 10 branding labels on various parts of the vehicle.  Missing even one location will make the vehicle, and its parts if chopped up for parts, identifiable to law enforcement.
  • The GLOBALi labels can be removed with sandpaper, but this damages the paint at each label location which leaves evidence of label removal and necessitates the time consuming and costly repainting of the marked body parts.
  • When vehicle show evidence that they have been tampered with i.e.: identifying labels have been sanded off, it raises red flags and makes them less valuable as a resell commodity.
  • It is less costly and less risky to steal a vehicle that does not contain a theft deterrent system like.

We would like to review the comments of Mr. Ronald G. Bain.  Mr. Bain has extensive experience in both policing and government, having served with Peel Regional Police, the Parry Sound Police Force, and Metropolitan Toronto Police Service for over 32 years.  He retired as Deputy Chief of Peel Regional Police in 2004 where he was in charge of policing operations. 


Mr. Bain says, “The bottom line is this: whether a sticker or marking is removed or defaced, or the VIN plate itself is removed, that vehicle unique identifiers still resides in the database as well as the national stolen vehicle database known as CPIC.  No amount of prevention can entirely stop professional car thieves and organized crime rings from using sophisticated means to steal and benefit from vehicle theft.  But when it comes to disruption strategies and recovery assistance, and others have a proven role to play.  Whether a sticker can or cannot be removed is no big deal in the big picture of things, in my opinion.”

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7 years ago
I recently read online that the stickers could be removed. Happy I was able to find this post. thx

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