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Helping Drivers Protect Their Investment

Why Are Car Dealerships Selling GLOBALi Systems?

Automotive theft costs Canadians over $1.2 billion per year. When you break it down, it comes to roughly four hundred vehicles a day. It is a growing issue globally and auto theft is on the rise in many cities and countries. Car alarms have their place and can be effective to some extent. However, there’s a better solution that offers more. Car dealerships selling the GLOBALi program have noticed a spike in interest, and the reason is simple. The GLOBALi theft deterrent program doesn’t just help prevent auto theft more effectively than an alarm, it helps identify and recover stolen vehicles and parts.


How Does GLOBALi Work?


GLOBALi labels are applied to the vehicle in a couple of visible places. This lets thieves know that the vehicle in question is protected. This single step helps reduce theft drastically because car thieves know that a GLOBALi car is marked with special tags that make identifying the vehicle and its parts easy. When parts are so easily identified, it makes them difficult to sell at list price. Diminished black market value leads to a reduction in the perceived value of cars with GLOBALi labels.


Should a thief be foolish enough to steal a vehicle marked with GLOBALi labels, it can often times be recovered and returned to its rightful owner, and it all comes down to the very clever labels installed throughout the vehicle in question.


What Makes GLOBALi Labels Special?


One of the most interesting things about the GLOBALi labels is that they each provide a GLOBALi registration number. This number can be used to search the largest database of its kind in Canada to track down where the vehicle came from and who the legal owner is. These labels are incredibly difficult to remove and are hidden in some pretty clever places in each car they’re installed in. If a thief does manage to get a GLOBALi label off, a chemical residue will be left behind that can be easily seen with the use of a special frequency ultra-violet light. This light is used by forensics teams at police stations. These labels, when combined with the impressive GLOBALi car registration network, create a theft deterrent able to stop thieves in their tracks.


Car theft is on the rise across the country. With an investment as substantial as a new vehicle, it only makes sense to take actions to prevent theft. There are countless options on the market, but when you’re looking for the very best, only the GLOBALi theft deterrent system will suffice. With a visible marking and brand recognized instantly by any thief worth their salt, GLOBALi is theft prevention, and more. It’s among the only systems available that actually helps victims recover stolen vehicles and parts. If the system is a standard used by automotive dealerships, it’s certainly a high-end product that can be trusted by private vehicle owners. Insist on the best prevention and recovery system available in your area. Insist on GLOBALi.

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7 years ago
I'm really interested in the globali system. thank you for the information I am more confident in getting Globali
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7 years ago
Do any car dealerships offer types of packages if I'm looking to buy GLOBALi for multiple cars? Do all dealerships sell GLOBALi protection?

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