Helping Dealers Protect Drivers

Helping Drivers Protect Their Investment

PlayGLOBALi Car Theft Deterrent Protect Your Vehicle globalicartheftdeterrent

GLOBALi Car Theft Deterrent: Protect Your Vehicle

By Jay Crawford0 comments
When it comes to stopping thieves in their tracks, nothing acts quite as well as the GLOBALi car theft deterrent system. The GLOBALi Vehicle Registry & Recovery Network is one of the largest of its kind in North America, and criminals know it. How does it work? Learning a little ...
PlayGLOBALi System Theft Prevention and Recovery globalisystem

GLOBALi System: Theft Prevention and Recovery

By Jay Crawford0 comments
There are countless options available to those looking for a way to prevent automotive theft. One of the best on the market today is the GLOBALi system. GLOBALi uses theft identification labels and one of the largest vehicle registration and recovery networks to prevent theft and ...
PlayAuto Theft Canada Protecting Your Investment autotheftcanada

Auto Theft Canada: Protecting Your Investment

By Jay Crawford0 comments
A new vehicle is a substantial investment. With auto theft in Canada on the rise, it would be well advised to consider including a top-of-the-line anti-theft measure. Some of the systems on the market today cost thousands of dollars, but there’s a more cost-effective and game-changing ...

Find Out What Happens When Your Car is Stolen

By Jay Crawford4 comments
If in the unfortunate event your car is ever stolen, you’ll immediately have a lot of questions. There are a few things that need to happen as soon as you determine that your vehicle is no longer where you left it. While some may seem pretty straight forward and obvious right now, ...

Is GLOBALi a Scam or the Real Deal?

By Jay Crawford3 comments
Automotive theft is a growing concern for many Canadian car owners. With an average of four hundred vehicles a day stolen, it’s a wise idea to protect your investment. There are countless products on the market designed to make thieves steer clear of your car. Some are incredibly ...

GLOBALi Reviews: What People are Saying

By Jay Crawford0 comments
When it comes to protecting an investment as substantial as a new vehicle, a little research may be in order. Online reviews are an excellent way to ensure that the product or service in question is able to live up to the advertised hype, and the available GLOBALi reviews definitely ...

Why Are Car Dealerships Selling GLOBALi Systems?

By Jay Crawford2 comments
Automotive theft costs Canadians over $1.2 billion per year. When you break it down, it comes to roughly four hundred vehicles a day. It is a growing issue globally and auto theft is on the rise in many cities and countries. Car alarms have their place and can be effective to some ...

GLOBALi Online Vehicle Registration

109.pngBy cjpQ & A0 comments
When I purchase the globali program at the Dealership do I have to register my vehicle online? AnswerThe GLOBALi Vehicle Registry & Recovery Network (VRRN) is a shared online network that unites Dealers, Law Enforcement and vehicle owners to help  prevent auto theft and assist with recovering ...
Organized Auto Theft - Ottawa Police Service

Organized Auto Theft - Ottawa Police Service

By GLOBALiLaw Enforcement1 comments
The Organized Auto Theft Section (OATS) investigates vehicle, trailer, cargo and heavy equipment thefts for profit because of the suspected involvement of a criminal network. The OATS is also responsible for examinations of vehicles to determine their true identity in cases where ...
The Value of GLOBALi - Law Enforcement Testimonial

The Value of GLOBALi - Law Enforcement Testimonial

By GLOBALiLaw Enforcement0 comments
I am a former vehicle examiner for the Peel Regional Police and we were first introduced to the GLOBAL-I anti-theft labels in the late 90’s when conducting an investigation into the exportation of stolen SUV’S.  The staff and representatives of RSR Global were quick ...
Top 10 Stolen Vehicle in Canada

Top 10 Stolen Vehicle in Canada

By GLOBALi2 comments
All about the 2014 Top 10 Most Stolen Vehicles List   Every December since 2003, IBC has published an annual list of the top 10 stolen vehicles in Canada. The statistics IBC publishes are wholly based on actual insurance claims data collected from nearly all automobile insurance ...

Why does my car have Globali sticker on it?

116.pngBy MarkQ & A3 comments
Hi,   Could someone please assist me with the following, I recently purchased a car off a friend of mine and upon inspection I noticed a Globali sticker on the window. I asked my friend about it ...AnswerThis is a common question that individuals ask when they purchase a used vehicle. The GLOBALi program is non-transferable from owner to owner. Which means there is no reimbursement benefit in the event ...

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